Habitat Management

Without our intervention, all the habitats on the Steyning Downland would revert first to scrub and then deciduous woodland. Of course, woodland can be a good thing, but it would take a long time to establish a truly wildlife-rich woodland. Instead we aim to conserve a variety of different habitats, all with their own diverse range of interesting species. We do this by working against the natural tendency of the land to revert to woodland, and we do this mostly by removing vegetation – cutting, chopping, burning . . . and even chewing!

Dexter Steers at Steyning 2014 (Frances Sedgwick)2


Management Plan

Our Conservation Sub-Group have prepared a detailed Management Plan which covers the period 2013-2018. You can download it here.

Using the overarching Management Plan, we produce a more detailed Annual Action Plan, which sets the conservation work we plan to do each year. This is normally split into an autumn and winter season and a spring and summer season. You can download our most recent Annual Action Plan here:

Management Action Plan Oct 2015 to 2016