Our Values

We are . . .

1. Optimistic

  • We look for good news, empowering and inspiring people to take responsibility and helping them to believe they can make a difference.

2. Welcoming

  • We create a fun social environment, building relationships, combating loneliness and promoting physical activity. We work with local people from all cultures, backgrounds and beliefs, welcoming the marginalised, fostering co-operation but encouraging diversity, believing that everyone counts and that we work better together.

3. Progressive

  • We educate, developing people’s skills and training and rewarding outstanding contributions. While we value our past, we’re always looking for ways to improve and do our very best.

4. Stewards

  • We recognise our responsibility and the privilege we have to manage the Steyning Downland for nature and for present and future generations.

5. Philanthropic

  • We create ways for people to volunteer their time, energy, money and skills for the benefit of the land, its wildlife and each other.

6. Accountable

  • We are honest and open in the way we act and in making our decisions

7. Reconcilers

  • We encourage engagement and discussion to solve conflict, looking for common ground, improved understanding and mutual benefit.