Conservation Volunteers

The Conservation Volunteers carry out all the habitat management work on the Steyning Downland Scheme. From mending fences and cutting brambles to collecting Yellow Rattle seed – no job is too large or too small! People of all ages and abilities join in, from those with Land Rovers and farming experience to people who come along to . . .well, enjoy some exercise and lots of hot tea . . .

If you’d like to join in, just complete our New Volunteer form and we’ll be in touch

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The Conservation Volunteers meet twice a month on the first Wednesday and third Saturday. They normally meet at 10am at the entrance gate to Nightingale Lane, behind Mouse Cottage on Mouse Lane:

Mouse Lane entrance map


Read the Conservation Volunteer’s Blog

  • Upper Pond Update

    Friday November 04th, 2022.
    Pond Update: Restoration work at the Old Millpond is continuing and with the recent rain, it’s now filling up fast. Recently we put up a traditional chestnut pale fence around the northern side of the pond. There are two important reasons for this: We are partnering with Wakehurst Place, Kew to reintroduce a very rare plant ...
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  • SDS Conservation Volunteers

    Wednesday July 13th, 2016.SDS Conservation Volunteers
      The Conservation Volunteers have been busy clearing the footpath from Mill Lane Allotments up to Steyning Coombe.  We have also been carrying out maintenance on the fencing in Steyning Coombe to make sure that our heard of Dexter cattle don’t go exploring the Downs.  Our next session is on Saturday 16th July when we will ...
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  • Welcome to the Conservation Volunteers!

    Wednesday October 07th, 2015.Welcome to the Conservation Volunteers!
    This is just a quick, introductory blog to ‘say hello’ from the Conservation Volunteers. Our next meeting is next Saturday, 19th March which will be in the Secret Garden over at Pepperscoombe. We’ll meet on Newham Lane at 10am where the 30mph sign is so that everyone can help carry up tools.  The job will ...
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