Poetry Tins

We started the poetry tin project in summer 2018 and have been overwhelmed with the quality and quantity of the results.

We fixed four tins on seating at strategic locations and around the Steyning Downland Scheme. Each tin contains a small notebook, pencil and pencil sharpener and an invitation to anyone to simply make a contribution.

Since then we’ve had probably hundreds of poems added; everything from limericks to longer works worthy of Wordsworth, plus little sketches, well-wishes and a surprisingly small number of rude comments! Our dedicated volunteer, Roger Brown keeps the tins topped up with new notebooks and sharpeners and occasionally replaces tins that have been eaten by our Dexter cows . . .

We’re currently working with Emma Jayne Hughes of the University of Chichester on a project to publish an an anthology of poems from the Steyning Downland. Just head up to the Downs, find one of our tins and add your creative piece – you may well end up in print!

A contribution to our poetry tin on Steyning Coombe