Project Reports

Reports from some of our Steyning Downland Scheme projects:

  • Rifle Range post 7

    Saturday October 20th, 2018.Rifle Range post 7
    Back in august there was quite a buzz about something that was found up at the rifle range, during the construction of the fence around the backstop by the South Downs rangers. The first many people knew of it was Nightingale Lane being closed off by the bomb disposal squad. Thanks to Chloe and Bruno, part ...
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  • Rifle Range post 6

    Thursday September 20th, 2018.Rifle Range post 6
    On the 9th September 2018 we were privileged to be be part of the Big Picnic event, setting up at the 200 yard firing position, for ‘target practice’. We had four rifles (deactivated and obsolete calibre) on hand, representing the evolution of the small arms used by the Volunteers and Territorial Force/Army from 1860 up to the start ...
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  • Rifle Range post 5

    Thursday September 20th, 2018.Rifle Range post 5
    The main job completed at the targets over the summer was to give the workshop platform and markers’ gallery a good old clean up. This meant chopping back much of the vegetation behind the targets and clearing of the build-up of soil and rubbish within the target pits, as well as moving many wheel barrow ...
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  • Rifle Range post 4

    Sunday July 01st, 2018.Rifle Range post 4
    On June 3rd 2018 we opened up the site (as part of the Steyning Festival) to allow anyone interested to see the work we had been doing. We had two types of wooden target frame built for the occasion (Steve designed collapsible versions for ease of transport) – a 6ft frame, with the SDS logo ...
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  • Rifle Range post 3

    Thursday June 14th, 2018.Rifle Range post 3
    On the 24th May the carriages and pulley wheel were returned to site and with the aid of P.A.C. Welding Ltd, the frame was pieced back together. Paul and Kaz did a great job, despite the heavy rain. Finally, frame 1 was complete and in working order thirty years after the range closed. Steve had made some ...
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  • Rifle Range post 2

    Thursday June 14th, 2018.Rifle Range post 2
    Since 2017 the Rifle Range Volunteers have been focusing our efforts in the markers’ gallery (the long roofed area where the metal target frames are situated). Out of the eight target frames on site, frame 1 seemed to be the best preserved and we decided to concentrate our efforts on restoring this one to working order. Steve ...
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  • Rifle Range post 1

    Thursday June 14th, 2018.Rifle Range post 1
    In November 2017, when the restoration of the Rifle Range began, we focused our efforts in the markers’ gallery (the long roofed area where the metal target frames are situated): The first job was to tidy up the rubbish, resulting in six rubble sacks of glass, cans, food packaging and much more. Rubbish is a big ...
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  • Songs of the Dawn

    Friday May 19th, 2017.Songs of the Dawn
    Despite some very inclement weather our ‘Songs of the Dawn’ dawn chorus walks have been remarkably successful this year. Nightingale has been in full voice, and Cetti’s Warbler was also heard. It is thought there are two of each species singing presently on the Rifle Range. On the 29th April, we were treated to the ...
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  • SDS Conservation Volunteers

    Wednesday July 13th, 2016.SDS Conservation Volunteers
      The Conservation Volunteers have been busy clearing the footpath from Mill Lane Allotments up to Steyning Coombe.  We have also been carrying out maintenance on the fencing in Steyning Coombe to make sure that our heard of Dexter cattle don’t go exploring the Downs.  Our next session is on Saturday 16th July when we will ...
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  • Elderflower cordial anyone?

    Wednesday June 22nd, 2016.Elderflower cordial anyone?
    The elder trees are out in bloom and if the weather stays fine this weekend it’s a great time to get out and pick a few heads of elderflower to make some delicious and refreshing elderflower cordial (or even wine!).   Please pick responsibly and leave some flowers for wildlife. We like this Elderflower Cordial recipe from ...
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