Rifle Range post 5

The main job completed at the targets over the summer was to give the workshop platform and markers’ gallery a good old clean up. This meant chopping back much of the vegetation behind the targets and clearing of the build-up of soil and rubbish within the target pits, as well as moving many wheel barrow loads of soil and chalk rubble from the workshop platform. The amusing new graffiti appeared only days after we had previously exposed the wall the in picture below.

Robin, Ollie and Steve hard at work on the workshop

Bill takes on the unenviable job of cleaning out the latrine

The culmination of this was a visit from Percy and his high powered jet spray – bringing a bowser of water up to the site, he sprayed down the target frames and pits one evening in September. The spraying made a huge difference and proved the drainage system still works! The frames have not looked this good for many years.

Markers’ gallery, after jet spraying

Markers’ gallery in November 2017

To accompany this, Percy, Roger and myself gave the vegetation on the mantlet a vigorous haircut, allowing the shape of the bank to be more properly defined from the valley firing positions.

Target visible over the trimmed mantlet bank

The site is really coming together now, but we have plenty more jobs in store for the autumn.

Rifle Range post 6