Rifle Range Post 8

As the year draws to a close, it seems like a good time for a round-up of what has been happening at the rifle range in 2019.

The main project we completed was the de-rusting and painting the target frames in the markers’ gallery with red oxide  – a slow and messy job. We also cleaned up the roof support brackets (with the help of Tom and the South Downs National Park volunteers).

Steve paints frame number 8

All eight frames now painted

Work continues on the carriages, however and we still have a few left to sort out. To clean them up, they first need to be raised from the floor of the target pit, which requires freeing the rusted runners and then propping them up to work on.

Robin starting to paint up a carriage

A freshly painted and propped-up carriage

Some of the carriages will need more than a coat of paint to get them ship shape.

A well preserved carriage at the back and one needing a bit of TLC at the front

The Oxford Allen mowers have finally been removed from site, Bill, Steve, Robin and I hauling them out into the field for collection.

Bill, Steve and Robin and the two mowers

Tim, from Ralph Restorations, very kindly came to pick them up them back in July and both mowers fitted perfectly into the small wooden trailer. It was a shame to see them go, but they were becoming a bit of a problem with the nocturnal visitors at the site – we often found the mowers and their associated bits scattered around the markers’ gallery, mostly in the target pits. They had to go before some serious damage was done.

Tim takes the mowers away

Rifle Range Post 9