Rifle Range Post 9

The far end of the markers’ gallery has been suffering from soil slipping down the slope and filling up target pit 8. Cleaning out the pit was becoming a bit of a regular task, so in a bid to limit the soil slippage, it was agreed we should build a sleeper wall.

The end of the markers’ gallery before we started the wall – note the two angle irons from a previous attempt to stop soil slippage, over thirty years ago

Mike and Mark, from the SDS Conservation team helped out with this project, hauling the sleepers down the gallery and digging the slot in which they would lay.

Mike and Mark getting stuck in, backfilling the area around the sleepers

We hammered in two supporting angle irons, which were then wired to two others further up the slope (following instructions from the 1921 military engineering manual, of course).

The sleeper wall, supported by angle irons

Hopefully this will stem the tide of soil for a least a few years. Thanks to Mike and Mark – couldn’t have done it without your help!

The team after finishing the wall, smiling despite the fact there was no tea available (the lighter for the stove had been left at home).

Rifle Range Post 10