Rifle Range post 2

Since 2017 the Rifle Range Volunteers have been focusing our efforts in the markers’ gallery (the long roofed area where the metal target frames are situated). Out of the eight target frames on site, frame 1 seemed to be the best preserved and we decided to concentrate our efforts on restoring this one to working order.

Frame 1 after raising the ‘carriages’.

Steve came up with a plan to remove the carriages and the pulley wheel system of target frame 1, which we achieved with minimal intervention and lots of elbow grease. They were then taken off site to be blasted and painted.

Pulley wheels and carriages after removal

The metal frames are taken out of the valley

The carriages loaded on the roof rack, on the way to the sand blaster

Once cleaned up it was evident that there was some serious rust damage to one of the carriages and a small amount of repair work was required. This was accomplished with the use of Steve’s garage and tool kit.

The repaired carriage

All the wheels within the roller mechanisms were removed, cleaned and greased and the remaining elements of frame 1 were de-rusted in situ (on site) with power tools.

Steve removing rust with power tools

Bill and Justin, removing rust (photo: Robin)

All bare metal of frame 1 was coated with red oxide and given a top coat of a military green.  Everything was set for the reassembly of target frame 1.

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