Grazing is vitally important for chalk downland because it keeps scrub and trees from growing back and stops the chalk downland wild flowers from being choked by grasses.

On the Rifle Range, conservation grazing has started again after many years of neglect.  We have partnered with a local grazier who rears Dexter cattle. This breed is perfect for us because they:

  • are a docile breed and not usually ‘spooked’ by dogs and walkers;
  • are tough and able to stay out in all weathers and at all times of the year;
  • will eat the coarse grasses (like tor grass) that most cattle don’t like;
  • are browsers as well as grazers, meaning they will eat scrub and brambles as well as coarse grasses
  • are small and cute!

Dexter Cattle


The Dexters are checked daily by a team of volunteer Lookerers who report to the grazier to her let her know they are healthy and have not escaped!

If you notice any problems with our Dexters, please contact our grazier direct:

Frances Sedgwick tel:  07989 318439 

New recruits for the intrepid Lookerer team are always welcome. If you’re interested, just e-mail your details and we’ll be in touch.